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Elevate your posters from mere displays to interactive journeys with TriadPrint’s NFC-Enabled Double-Sided, Full-Color Posters. Embedding cutting-edge NFC chips within premium paper, these posters invite viewers to engage directly with your digital world with just a tap. From leading audiences to exclusive content and offers to gathering valuable engagement insights, each poster becomes a dynamic touchpoint for your brand. Transform your message into an experience—where every tap opens a new dimension of interaction.

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Double-Sided, Full-Color Posters: A Tale of Two Sides

Step right up and behold the marvel of TriadPrint’s Double-Sided, Full-Color Posters, where every inch of paper is a stage, and every design gets a standing ovation. Why settle for one-sided conversations when your posters can be the talk of the town, both coming and going?

Choose Your Papery Steed:

  • 100 lb. Gloss Book: For colors that pop like fireworks in a night sky. It’s like HD for your eyes.
  • 80 lb. Gloss Book: Slightly lighter, but no less bright. It’s the middleweight champion of glossy communication.
  • 80 lb. Recycled Matte Text: For the eco-warrior with a message. It’s like whispering your story directly into Mother Nature’s ear, but with more pizzazz.

Epic Tales in All Sizes:

  • 13″ x 19″: The perfect size for tales of intrigue, posters that whisper secrets of upcoming events, or the launch of the next big thing.
  • 18″ x 24″: Elevate your message with a canvas that screams “Look at me!” Ideal for designs that deserve a little more elbow room.
  • 24″ x 36″: For stories that can’t be contained, messages that need to shout from the rooftops, and visuals that demand to be seen from across the vast plains of any room.

Why Our Posters? Because in a world of swipes and clicks, there’s something undeniably powerful about a message you can touch and see from both sides. Our double-sided, full-color posters are not just printed materials; they’re dual-sided beacons of brilliance, designed to capture attention, stir curiosity, and spark conversations.

The Magic of Double-Sided Printing:

  • Front & Back Harmony: Use one side to tease, and the other to please. Lead with a bold question or image, and answer it on the flip side.
  • Twice the Impact: With strategic placement, your message can engage viewers from any direction. It’s like having eyes in the back of your poster.
  • Colorful Conversations: Full-color printing ensures your visuals are as vibrant and dynamic as your message. Why whisper in black and white when you can shout in color?

Unlock Interactive Dimensions with NFC-Enabled Posters

Why stop at visual allure when you can engage, intrigue, and interact? Enter the game-changing world of NFC-enabled posters by TriadPrint. It’s like we’ve sprinkled a bit of digital fairy dust on your posters, embedding an NFC chip within the paper itself, transforming each print from a static display into an interactive experience.

Imagine This: Your poster not only showcases your stunning design on both sides but also invites viewers to tap their smartphone against it. Instantly, they’re whisked away to a webpage, video, or digital destination of your choosing. It’s the closest thing to magic we’ve got – no wands required.

Why Go NFC?

  • Engagement on Tap: From trailers and tutorials to contests and coupons, the tap of a smartphone brings your audience closer than ever.
  • Analytics Wizardry: Track taps, measure engagement, and understand your audience better. It’s like having a crystal ball, but with data.
  • Sustainability in Action: Update your digital content without reprinting. It’s eco-friendly and oh-so-flexible.

The Magic Inside: Whether it’s a peek behind the curtain with exclusive content, a jump to your e-commerce platform, or a surprise discount code, the NFC chip hidden within your poster turns every interaction into an opportunity for engagement.

With TriadPrint’s NFC-enabled posters, you’re not just hanging art; you’re opening doorways to digital adventures. Let’s make every poster a portal, and turn those casual glances into meaningful connections.

Let’s Get This Show on the Road: Ready to double down on your messaging? TriadPrint’s Double-Sided, Full-Color Posters are here to transform walls, windows, and spaces in between into galleries of your imagination and bastions of your brand. It’s time to tell your story, not just on one side, but two—because why have a monologue when you can have a dialogue?


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    The ROI since partnering with TriadPrint is undeniable. Their strategic approach to blending print and digital media has not only enhanced our brand presence but also significantly boosted engagement.

    Monday, March 18, 2024
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